Our team of expert designers works closely with each of our clients to produce outstanding, individual landscape designs that complement the properties around which they are formed and provide a beautiful environment in which adults can relax, and children can explore in safety.

Every single one of our designs is a joint effort between us and the client for whom we are working. We may be accomplished experts in the field of landscape design but we feel that client input is of vital importance: after all, our primary aim is to produce a landscape that suits your needs and tastes perfectly, and how can we achieve that without finding out exactly what you want


Once we have completed a design and it has been approved by our client, we use the very best materials and plants to bring your ideas to life. Whenever possible, we source all of our plants and trees from local growers who are committed to organic and sustainable horticultural practices.

If you are in the area, drop in to our Parnell office to discuss your landscape ideas over a cup of coffee brewed by our in-house barista. We can also hook you up with the highly experienced interior designers who share our office space if you desire

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