Finding examples of garden layouts that you adore is not such a difficult task if you have the time to flick through the Sunday supplements and drive around your local area. It is the adaptation of all the ideas you love, the task of making them fit into the space you have to work with that is the difficult part.

As landscape design specialists, we can help you to take all of the design features that you really love and put them together into a unified package that fits both your sense of aesthetics and your budgetary constraints



Initial Consultation

This is the first meeting, where we come to your home, survey your garden and discuss your requirements in detail. An initial consultation normally takes around an hour and after the meeting has concluded, we will prepare a design quotation for your consideration.

Finalising Your Garden Plan

Once we have received the go ahead from you, we will create a detailed plan for your new garden, including all the elements we have discussed. Whilst creating the plan, we will remain in constant communication with you, to ensure that the end result meets with your approval. Along with the completed plan, we will also provide hardscape and softscape quotes, and identify any council consent issues that need to be addressed.

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