Many perennial plants grow in an ever-widening clump. After several seasons of growing, these perennial plants will begin to die out in the center and look more like a ring than a clump.

To keep the plants vigorous and blooming, a technique known as 'Division' is performed. Dividing perennial plants gives you healthier, longer-living plants and the bonus of more plants.


Dividing perennials depends on the type of plant and how quickly it's growing. You don't have to wait until your perennial plants begin looking like doughnuts. Spring is usually the best time for division since the plants are actively growing their leaves and are not so developed that the root system can't take a little disturbance and still feed the top of the plant. 



However, just as different plants can go different lengths of time before being divided, some plants, like peonies, prefer to be divided in the early autumn. 


If your beds have overgrown and are out of shape,  our trained team will have it all divided up and tidy in no time at all. And to keep it looking fantastic Soulscape can auto schedule your beds for regular maintenance, if you prefer, and send you a predetermined cyclic reminder by text or email.

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