When it comes to roses, they are easy to grow and remarkably tolerant. Yet, to ensure you get the most out of your roses we recommend a professional maintainance programme.

Roses will respond well to the extra care and attention that Soulscape will give ensuring you have a beautiful and 'easy to enjoy' garden with fantastic results. The more floriferous and healthy the plants are the happier you will be.


The 5 basics:

1.Adequate Water
Adequate  water is essential in rose care; only a select few parts of the country can rely on rainfall to be an adequate source of water for roses. The actual frequency of watering will depend on your soil and climate as well as the age of the plant. Too much water will rot your roots and cause mould and disease while too little will dry the buds and produce sad flowers. Watering the soil around your rose a few mornings a week, until the soil is thoroughly soaked 12 to 18 inches deep is essential. Avoid water from splashing onto foliage, as this can spread diseases.

2.Feed Regularly
Most roses appreciate an occasional feeding. The simplest strategy to feeding your roses is to think of fertilizer like a reward for the plant: the first feeding should be done when the bush first leafs out. For the remainder of the growing season, fertilize after each flush of blooms. You can use any commercial rose food or general-purpose fertilizer applied according to manufacturer instructions.

3.Mulch, mulch and mulch Again Generously
Mulching is to roses, as coffee is to breakfast. Mulching is the mystery element to rose care, helping to minimize weeds, keep the soil moist, and loose, adding essential nutrients.  Natural mulch is by far the best that is why here at Soulscape we make our own special mix GROWWELL MULCH enhanced with secrets from the deep Neem and a few other special goodies. This needs to be generously applied in early spring just as the soil warms before the weeds start to grow, leaving an open space around the base and canes of each rose. It's important to replenish the mulch as it deteriorates during the year.

4.Pest control
Just like rugby, the very best offence is a strong defense. This starts with starting right. Selecting top-quality plants and then properly caring for them achieves the best pest prevention from pests in your roses. Yet, even the very best plants can get attacked from time to time and this is when your secondary defense kicks in to play which is your carefully balanced spray program.

5.Prune to Bloom
If you want to maximize your show, then correct pruning is paramount here. This is where our years of experience will shine and produce some of the best looking blooms you have ever seen. Correct pruning controls the size and shape of rose plants. Generous pruning creates bigger plants and eventually more flowers per plant. Selective pruning of top growth can produce bigger, but fewer, blooms. For modern varieties, pruning keeps them blooming repeatedly all summer long. Well-established hybrid teas, floribundas, and grandifloras should be pruned early each spring after the winter protection has been removed and just as the buds begin to swell. Old-fashioned roses and climbers that bloom only once a year should be pruned immediately after flowering since they bloom on wood from the previous year's growth. 

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