One must realize that to stop weeds entirely is an ecological impossibility; we may as well hope to stop the wind. The best we can hope for is to keep them contained to a minimum.

Lets face it when it comes to weeds we all hate them. Weeds are many a home gardener's biggest enemy. Roundup and other chemicals may seem like the best weapon in the arsenal against weeds. However,wherever possible, we discourage the use of chemicals. They can leach into fruits and vegetables leaving beds in a worse state than when you started. They also run off and trickle down into groundwater. Fortunately, there are better ways to prevent and control weeds before they take over.  Only a carefully planed assault on weeds can keep out every weed.

Having an army of triffords in the pansies is not what you really want to come home to after work. Here at Soulscape we believe prevention is far better than cure, but if things do get a bit wild, the team will tame your garden in no time.

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