Dethatching lawns is the most important lawn maintenance chore that most homeowners overlook. Every lawn has a layer of thatch at its base, made up of both living and dead grass stems and roots. As a lawn continues to build up this layer over time, necessary nutrients, water, and air can be blocked.

The result is a lawn that looks green on the top, but is brown and dead looking near the bottom of the blades. A lawn with too much thatch often looks brown and has a scalped appearance after being mowed. It can also feel spongy when you walk on it. Since water isn’t properly absorbed, a lawn with too much thatch is hard to keep watered and may dry out easily.

Why Dethatching Helps

Using specialized power-raking and other equipment, your lawn care professional can remove excess thatch. This is a job that must be done properly and carefully. If dethatching is done too deeply, it can actually destroy a lawn, requiring re-seeding or re-sodding. Done properly, though, dethatching can transform a sickly-looking lawn into a beautiful lush lawn you can be proud of.

Dethatching encourages new growth at the very bottom of grass stems. It restores the ability of the lawn to breathe and accept water. Dethatching also encourages new shoots to grow. The result is a better-looking, healthier lawn that is easier to maintain.

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