Let's face it; nothing is more frustrating than mowing the lawn on Saturday, only to wake up Sunday morning to unsightly patches of weed and flowers.

Not only are weeds annoying to the eye but they can be difficult to walk on in bare feet, or even worse, to get a prickle right in the middle of a game of cricket. Many of the common species have prickles or flowers, which attract bees. Weeds can even destroy the surfaces in your lawn, quickly turning a good lawn bad.

There are over 100 species of weeds that thrive in NZ lawns. Many look very similar to each other, yet react considerably differently in their sensitivity to chemical management. Obviously, the correct identification is fundamental before any treatment is applied. Our turf managers are trained to inspect, treat, and control lawn problems as they appear. Once we get on top of things, our regular maintenance will keep your lawn healthy and vibrant preventing any problems from coming back.

Our turf managers are trained to advise you of any other important issues that they come across .

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