Soulscape has a team capable of handling any size of hedge on private and commercial properties. Our dedicated team will not only do an exceptional job on your trees but they also have a keen eye for straight lines when it comes to hedges. 

Most hedges grow relatively consistently throughout the growing season. From late in the summer until early autumn they push new growth, as long as there is moisture in the ground and the temperatures are not too high. By pruning your hedge this time of year you are giving them the ultimate shape that you desire and they will still benefit from a slight ‘filling in’ of the foliage before winter sets in. This is akin to getting a hair cut and waiting a couple of weeks before you get your picture taken. You know how your hair looks just after a trip to the barber. Kind of severe but a couple of weeks later, it has filled out a bit and looks pretty ‘natural’. Not a bad time for picture taking! Your hedges behave much the same way.

If your hedge has grown out of shape over time, our team will have it all squared up and tidy in no time at all. And to keep it looking fantastic Soulscape can auto schedule your hedge for regular maintenance, if you prefer, and send you a predetermined cyclic reminder by text or email to have your hedge trimmed. 

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