Few arborists would recommend removal of a tree since preservation is the basic principle of plant care. However, there are instances when removal is the most practical option.

Urban forest and parks are unique in that there are relationships with man, which dictate the fate of a plant. While in its natural setting, a tree will die due to natural causes and will fall over when its structural integrity has broken down naturally. This rarely happens in the city.

Man made forces such as pollution, soil compaction, structural restrictions, and vandalism directly affect city trees and shrubs. It can be said that trees and shrubs located in an urban setting will have a much lower life span than those in their natural setting. 

Many times disease and decay have made the tree unsafe, or they may have experienced damage due to storms or other types of environmental stress. Sometimes they become too large for their location. Alternatively, it may be necessary to remove a tree to make way for younger, healthier trees to fill out the  landscapes.

Tree removal is a laborious task. It is taxing both on the individuals and the equipment used. This is a significant consideration for larger trees. Their removal requires the experience of our qualified personnel to ensure a safe and efficient job.

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